M is for MUTUAL, A is for ACTS


The printed book is 8 × 10 in. in size, 100 pages (110 pages in French) and perfect bound with a 5/16 in. spine. The footnote columns are Pantone 638 (baby blue). The cover is a duotone Photoshop file, process blue and black. (Read more about the Cover Concept.)

Two font families were used, Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk (sans serif for the heads and footnotes) and Berthold Baskerville Roman for the body of the book. These faces work well together because their bodies very round, very similar in shape and size at x-height. Akzidenz, a sans-serif with a bit of a 1970s feel, is actually quite an old face. The chapter heads are 22.5 on 27 Bertold Akzidenz Super. Subheads are Akzidenz Bold 15/18. Footnotes are Akzidenz 7.5 on 9.

Bertold Baskerville is very traditional, this version is more light and round. It's a bigger face than times and easier to read. I figured that's what you want. Currently, the body copy is 10.5 point on 13.5. The body is justified. (Read more about the Typefaces.)

Design costs for Mutual Acts, (photo manipulation, duotone cover, 100 pages, 2000 English version and 500 French version plus mail order postcards: $3,320

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Created: August 9, 1999
Last modified: May 14, 2000
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