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The research for this document was initiated at the HIV Social, Behavioural and Epidemiological Studies Unit, University of Toronto, under the guidance of Dr. Ted Myers.

Many thanks to the sex workers, clients, volunteers, librarians and staff of:

Sex Workers Alliance of Vancouver; Maggie's; Sex Workers' Alliance of Toronto; PEERS; Boys R Us; Street Outreach Society; Village Clinic; Network of Safe Sex Projects; Vanguard Study; OMEGA Cohort; Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives; Canadian HIV/AIDS Clearinghouse; Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network; AIDS Vancouver; AIDS Committee of Toronto; Séro-Zéro; Canadian AIDS Society; City of Toronto Department of Public Health; City of Vancouver Archives; Department of Justice; Laboratory Centre for Disease Control, Health Canada; Department of Sociology, University of Toronto; HIV Social, Behavioural and Epidemiological Studies Unit, University of Toronto; HIV/AIDS Prevention and Community Action Programs, Health Canada.

And many thanks to the individuals, activists, academics and researchers who shared their findings and thoughts:

John Lowman, Fran Shaver, Augustine Brannigan, John Fleischman, Jacqueline Nelson, Peter Aggleton, Dennis Altman, Sky Gilbert, John Schellenberg, Karin Linnebach, Ki Namaste, Gerald Hannon, Andrew Barker, Phillip Banks, Richard Hudler, Rob Kolen, Connie Clement, Liviana Calzavara, Lois Jackson, Dennis Magill, Jannit Rabinovich, Livy Visano, Steve Martindale, Mary Lou Miller, Stephanie Strathdee, Robert Hogg, Annie Dufour, Ralf Jürgens, Raj Maharaj, Carol Strike, Ann Burchell, Kyle Rae, Will Pritchard, Elaine Ayres, John Harvey, John Cheetham, Rick Marchand, Terry Trussler, Aurelio Marquez.

This work could not have been done without your cooperation and good faith.

Content edit
         Andrew Sorfleet, Ted Myers,
         and Andrew Johnson

Copy edit
         Irit Shimrat

French translation
         Murielle McCabe and
         Nicole Frédérick

Translation review
         Roger Le Clerc

         Rod Bush (Rosamond Norbury)

         Andrew Sorfleet, sillyBOY Design
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