Friday, August 7, 1998


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Bravery, tenacity should net honours for Jane Doe

Jane Doe (the woman who recently won an 11-year legal battle against the Toronto police over the handling of a rape case) received the NAC Woman of Courage Award this spring.

We believe that she should be the next recipient of the Order of Canada for her incredible tenacity, loyalty, determination, bravery, political activism, and community work on behalf of women who have been sexually assaulted.

Over the past 12 years she has demonstrated in a very personal way that one person can make a difference.

She is a truly remarkable person and deserving of the award. We thank you, Jane Doe, for standing up to the systemic discrimination at different levels of society and the very organizations set up to assist us in seeking justice for all wrong.

We are inspired by you and know you will continue to work with individuals and groups who are seeking changes to make our society better.

This win should challenge us all to do the same.

Sirkka Tossavainen

Maureen Giuliani

"Balcony Rapist" case... [Fiona Stewart]

Created: February 15, 1999
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