Monday, July 20, 1998

Letters to the Editor

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The risk of rape

Re: Jane Doe Gets Apology From The Chief Of Police -- July 17:

I question whether the court decision in favour of Jane Doe is in women's best interests. The court has decided that Toronto police erred in not warning the public about the rapist. What is not known is the consequence to women had the police in fact alerted the public.

Quite clearly, officers were concerned that the rapist would simply leave the area and continue his activities elsewhere. Suppose this had been true and Ms Doe lived in the city he moved to. Would she then still not have grounds to sue, based on this other error?

And which error has more serious consequences for women? It may be that as a result of the Jane Doe decision, serial rapists will have much longer careers and inflict far greater damage to women then otherwise. One rarely gets credit for problems avoided.

John Propper, Toronto

"Balcony Rapist" case... [Fiona Stewart]

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