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Today's Specials - 1997

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    Sorry for the wait! After being away for much of the summer and a month of pneumonia I finally have a few new documents up.

  • Welcome online SWAT -- The Sex Workers Alliance of Toronto!

  • SWAV letters. SWAV has been doing a lot of letter writing lately. There have been letters published in the West Ender regarding articles they published two weeks in a row!

  • A dumpster is not a grave. A letter from SWAV to XTRA West regarding a photo of a pair of manequin's legs sticking out of a dumpster to illustrate a story about prostitution.

  • Traditional data distort our view of prostitution -- By Fran Shaver. A good argument against using only data collected through service agencies or the court system.

  • Vancouver News -- Lots of new clippings for 1997.

  • Faith Today -- Andrew Sorfleet gets quoted in a glossy, national Christian magazine!

  • The Commerce of commercial sex -- Andrew Sorfleet gets published in a National FAB magazine along side a great interview with three boys from the Toronto stroll.

  • Traffic report for Walnet March to July, 1997 with breakdowns for CSIS.

Specials from June 11 update

Specials from May 21 update

  • Pamela Jean George Memorial -- A shocking decision came from a Regina, Saskatchewan court, on January 30. A judge sentenced two young men with only six and a half years each for beating to death a Native prostitute, Pamela Jean George. She was 28 years old and is survived by two young daughters. The two men will be eligible for parole in 40 months. Follow this link for news coverage of this story.

  • Whore Wars -- This is a personal account of some of the hot issues for prostitutes in Vancouver in February and March this year from the Sex Workers Alliance of Vancouver!

  • Lots of new clippings on the Vancouver News page!

Specials from February 10 update

  • Fiona Stewart: Rest in peace. Fiona was a long time fighter for justice especially for those on most mistreated by the system. Fiona also secretly fought this battle on another front: as "Jane Doe" in the Junger/Whitehead Inquiry into the Administration of Investigations of the Metro Toronto Police. The Fiona Stewart pages have grown a lot in the last month. Lots of press clippings, as well as two new articles giving some of the background into the Jane Doe's role in securing civilian review of police in Toronto.

  • A small tribute page in memory Grayce "Candace" Baxter who was murdered in Toronto on December 8, 1992.

Specials from January 12 update

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