Eric Lowther, M.P.
Calgary Centre

RE: Bill C-397 -- Prostitution a dual offence
May 19, 1998

RE: Bill C-397 -- Prostitution a dual offence

May 19, 1998

Dear Mayor and Council:

In response to the concerns of the residents and business community in my urban riding, I have submitted to Parliament Bill C-397, which proposes to make communicating for the purposes of prostitution (section 213 of the Criminal Code) a dual or "hybrid" offence.

Currently, communicating for the purposes of prostitution results in a summary conviction. As a result, usually only minor fines are given, and no identification record of offenders is kept. Over time, police tend to prioritize their efforts elsewhere, and residents and businesses affected are left to "just live with it."

Changing section 213 of the Criminal Code to a dual offence would allow such offences to be prosecuted as either summary or indictable conviction. If treated as an indictable offence, authorities could fingerprint and photograph offenders. Such indentification tools could assist in locating runaways, and help track repeat or dangerous johns. One of the recommendations of the Government of Alberta "Children Involved in Prostitution" task force was to make the changes contained in Bill C-397. This bill also has the support of three levels of government in my community, as well as that of the Alberta Justice Minister and local business and community groups.

I encourage you to consider supporting this initiative by sending a letter of support to my Ottawa office. While there is no one initiative that will solve the prostitution issue, our citizens who paythe bills have a right to expect safe streets. This initiative is a step in that direction. Please contact myu Ottawa or Calgary office for additional information, or to receive a copy of a petition related to this issue. Thanks for your consideration.


Eric Lowther, MP
Calgary Centre

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Created: October 7, 1998
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