Thursday, September 19, 2002

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Legalise Prostitution

Being a man, one might assume Mr Hales has never had to use a pimp or a madam.

The problem with both is that gain is made through the misfortune of others.

The majority of prostitutes ply their trade because they have a major problem of one sort or another.

The majority of pimps and madams are in it for the easy money, not because they 'like people', or want them to be safe, believe me.

Having worked with people who prostitute out of desperation the facts are: Madams and pimps take about a third (if not more), of what the girl earns.

They do not give the girls a choice about who they see, nor what they can, or cannot choose to do.

The majority of pimps and madams supply no condoms and could not care less if the girls use them or not.

The majority of madams and pimps bully the girls to earn more money for them, sometimes with death threats.

The majority of pimps and madams assault the girls, verbally destroy their confidence and leave them alone in the premises.

The majority of pimps and madams do nothing for the money they earn, other than provide premises, and are greedy enough to cause grief about the girls using a 10p toilet roll, then take hundreds of pounds a day off them.

The majority of prostitutes have no self confidence and are not protected by the same law as others.

By all means make prostitution legal, but there is no way we should condone those who make so much money from these girls.

Only by legalising can we assure the girls' well-being and safety.

The majority of problems do not come from the client who, as Mr Hale points out, for any number of reasons may find a need to have consensual sex and pay for it.

It is the greed and disrespect of pimps and madams that is the main problem.

By legalising prostitution the few clients who 'steal' off the girls can be brought to justice, the girls can find 'safe' places to work, madams will be registered and made to be realistic about how much they take and forced to ensure the girls' safety.

The girls would also have the right to say no to the people out there who get a kick out of the terrible psychological and physical abuse they inflict.

The majority of these girls end up suicidal, or worse, dead.

The majority of pimps and madams just get rich.

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Created: September 20, 2002
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