Monday, September 9, 2002

G. Ashimi

36 persons suspected of trafficking

36 persons suspected of involvement in human trafficking escorted to police commissariats in Korca.

The regional police of Korca in the context of the anti trafficking operations have escorted to police commissariats 36 persons under suspicion of human trafficking the police spokesman said.

The operation, started late on Monday, was undertaken by criminal police forces, public order and regional police office of the war against trafficking in the four districts of the Prefecture of Korca.

"During the operation, control was made in 30 different buildings, and 36 persons were escorted to police commissariats, among them two women, but they did not result to be traffickers," said the police spokesman.

Controls of regional police of Korca over the past two days are a continuation of the operation undertaken a few days ago to catch two persons, husband and wife, who were later arrested under the accusation of cooperation for trafficking a child for profiting purposes.

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