Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Korea Herald

Prostitution on rise in Uzbek central region

Prostitution in Uzbekistan's central Bukhara Region is on the rise, a report by Ilhom Safarov published in the newspaper Hurriyat on 18 September said.

"Let us turn to reliable sources. There are about 40 secret brothels in the town of Bukhara alone. Each of them have 10 to 15 women of easy virtue who do 'business' there. One may conclude that 400-600 'angels' of easy virtue are busy with the ancient profession in the Region's centre," the report said.

Life is changing and so are cultures, the author went on to say. "People's living standards and the way they dress will improve all the time. However, it is absolutely impossible for love to become modern and civilized. This is the East, not the West. To say it in the language of politicians, the East is subtle," he said.

Source: Hurriyat, Tashkent, in Uzbek 18 Sep 02 p3

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Created: September 20, 2002
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