Monday, June 28, 1999

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Man convicted of sex assault

A Richmond man was found guilty Sunday on all 27 counts of sex offences, some involving girls as young as 12.

After a 10-week trial, a B.C. Supreme Court jury found Frank Kim guilty of nine counts of obtaining the sexual services of a person under 18, several counts of sexually touching a person under 14, possession of a prohibited weapon — a stun gun — and with threatening and unlawful confinement.

Kim will be sentenced Tuesday.

Tamara Gorin of Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter said outside the courtroom tht she was pleased with the guilty verdict on all counts.

"The Crown put forward a very strong case," she said. "The girls who participated must be commended for their strength and courage. They told the truth and the jury believed them."

Crown prosecutor Sandra Cunningham said in her closing address that the case revealed a sad and sordid picture of young girls living on the street. But she said the girls deserve the protection of society because the law makes it illegal to buy sex from children.

When Kim testified, he said he didn't work but received a generous allowance from his family, allowing him to cruise around in his $45,000 BMW and pick up girls. He said his parents were rich and he spent $100,000 in 1997.

His defence was that he had consensual sex with all the girls.

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