The West Ender
Thursday, March 12, 1998

Police Beat

p. 3.

Woman offers sex for sale door-to-door

The manager of a West End apartment building complained to police after a woman offered tenants sex for money.

Tuesday afternoon, a resident of the 1200-block Pendrell Street building was called by a woman who claimed that her grandmother once lived there, and that she wanted to visit.

A cab ride later, the woman was at the man's door promising him sexual services in return for cash.

Police say the man turned down the hooker, who then went door to door in search of someone willing to take her up on the offer.

Reportedly, there were no takers and the woman fled without turning a trick.

"The first gentleman had no idea who she was, and no money changed hands," said police spokesperson Const. Anne Drennan.

However, the was man was conned into paying for the prostitute's cab ride to the building, said Drennan.

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