Sunday, October 4, 1998


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Council backs bill on sex trade

The city of Burnaby is backing proposed federal legislation taht would make it easier to rack runaway prostitutes and dangerous johns.

Responding to a request for support by Calgary Centre MP Eric Lowther, city councillors agreed to endorse Bill C397. It would change the Criminal Code by giving the Crown counsel the option of charging accused of communicating for the purpose of prostitution, with either a summary or an indictable conviction.

As it stands now, the charge results only in a summary conviction, meaning only minor fines are handed out and no record of the offender is kept.

Under the proposed legislation, those charged with the offence could be handed an indictable conviction, which carries a stiffer penalty and more importantly, allows police to fingerprint and photograph the offenders.

"This allows them to track prostitutes from one area to another and indentifies violent offenders who prey on women in that business," said Coun. Doug Evans, chairman of the city's community policing committee.

-- Sterling

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