Thursday, September 10, 1998

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Your View

Kudos to all for saying 'Our kids not for sale

On Sept. 3, B.C. provincial court handed down a guilty verdict to an adult male who had purchased the sexual services of a 16-year-old girl.

In essence, the courts have decided that the onus of proof of age is on the john. It was not enough to say "she looked old enough" or "I didn't ask" or "I didn't know how old she was." The point being that if you are compelled to seek a prostitute, you had better be real sure she/he is over 18. You had better take a good look and if you even detect just a slight hint that she/he may not be an adult, you'd best drive by. Because if you don't and you are caught, the police, the courts, the community, and sometimes even the girls/boys, are going to do everything in our power to ensure you are held accountable.

And hey, if you think no one is going to believe a young self-admitted, drug-using prostitute, you better give your head a shake. The police, Crown, judge and community are listening -- and we are believing. Credibility is based on speaking your truth.

Kudos to the young woman with the courage to hold her head high and speak her truth. Kudos to the arresting officers for supporting her. Kudos to Crown counsel for being tenacious and doing the right thing. Kudos to the judge and members of the community for sending a clear message: Our kids are not for sale.

Colleen B. Wilson


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