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Thursday, October 2, 1997


p. 11.

No sympathy for police sting target

Frank Sterle thinks that to rush to judgement is dangerous and therefore appears to advocate leaving people with "probable cause to be in court" free to live in secrecy.

I rather think Mr. Sterle should consider the source of his misinformation. Take Mr. Grassi for example. He says Grassi has to live with a "blemish" after being named and then later acquitted for attempting to buy sex from a prostitute.

The original media reports say that Grassi was arrested in a sting operation after he stopped for a traffic light at Pandora Street and Victoria Drive. Really? This astonishes me. What I don't know is, who is to blame for this misinformation. Never a court of law I expect, so perhaps the media for not knowing there was no such thing as a stop light at Pandora and Victoria. Nor is there a stop sign on Victoria.

Now if Grassi happened to be stopped at a stop sign on Pandora Street the report would take on new dimensions. If he was indeed stopped at a sign on Pandora Street it could mean a number of things. He could have been lost on one of the dead end streets our community has had to create to control cruising johns. Or could he have been visiting one of the boarded up businesses west of Victoria? Perhaps he was looking for a small business west of Victoria (these state they have thousands of cars circling their blocks looking for hookers and this area is known as the kiddie stroll by pedophiles masquerading as johns). But perhaps we should give him the benefit of the doubt. I bet he was looking for a fire.

Sorry Mr. Sterle, I have to believe the police in this case. Entrapment be damned for this acquittal. Grassi is going to have to live with his blemish.

-- Sue Henderson

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