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Thursday, August 7, 1997


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Why disrupt sex trade shift inside?

Re: Pleasure and Pain -- Inside the Sex Trade. (July 31)" It's good to hear that Cynthia was able to get herself out of the sex trade. I would question Cynthia's motives for wanting to "get prostitutes off the streets of Vancouver." Rather than looking for a job trying to save prostitutes off the streets, Cynthia should start a soup kitchen, hand out blankets and gloves in the wintertime. It's immoral to try to make a job out of "keeping track of," "counselling" and stigmatizing a group of people.

Prostitution is not a social problem it's a workers' rights issue. Considering the dismal employment picture and depressed economy prostitution for many people is the solution. Working "inside" as an escort or in massage parlors or out of an apartment is safer than a secluded parking lot. You have access to hot water and soap, showers, condoms, lube, antiseptic. There is a decent security system. Why try to disrupt this shift, if it were in fact happening?

The Sex Workers Alliance of Vancouver has distributed pamphlets such as "Oil Eats Rubbers" and "Nonoxynol-9 Is it a No-No?," as well as the Bad Call List and a newsletter. The Alliance also does regular mailings to the massage parlors and independent sex workers.

Sex Workers Alliance of Vancouver fights for sex workers rights to fair wages and safe clean and healthy working conditions.

Raigen D'Angelo,
Sex Workers Alliance of Vancouver

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