Wednesday, April 2, 1997

Andy Ivens
Staff Reporter

p. A13.

Girl changes tune about alleged pimp

A B.C. Supreme Court jury began deliberating yesterday in the trial of three people accused of pimping two teenage prostitutes.

One complainant said she earned $2,000 in 1994 while working out of the North Vancouver apartment of Christopher Carroll and his juvenile girlfriend.

The complainant, who was between 15 and 17 at the time of the alleged crimes, testified that Carroll once hit and raped her.

But in a strange turn, the complainant was recalled to the witness stand, and a tape of a conversation she had with Carroll's current girlfriend during the trial was played for the jury.

On it, she claimed to have "awesome sex" with Carroll. She told the court she now believes the incident was a play fight. The Crown then stayed a charge of assault against Carroll.

Ruby Ann Fortney, 27, and Jaswinder Singh Mahal, 24 both of Surrey, are charged with pimping and esxual assaul in Fortney's house.

All three deny the charges, claiming the girls' memories were affected by extensive drug and alcohol abuse.

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