July/August, 1982, No. 85

Danny Cockerline

p. 14.

Editor calls for halt to lesbian ad debate

ABBOTSFORD -- The Abbotsford, Sumas and Matsqui News has politely asked their readers to put a lid on discussions relating to that paper's decision to continue running an advertisement for a lesbian drop-in centre.

The controversy over the ad "degenerated into an argument of biblical interpretation and the liberalization of sexual mores in a community (a small town of 10,000 people in British Columbia) that is traditionally conservative," according to an editorial in the June 2 issue of the weekly paper.

The editorial went on to say that The IVews would not give in to pressure to cancel the ad and that it "considers as a prime responsibility the provision of a forum for all its readers.... But there comes a time when even that forum, for the sake of the readers' interest, must be limited. Therefore... we ask that the issue of the lesbian drop-in centre advertisement bedropped."

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