Friday, September 19, 2003

Brad Dietrich

p. A18.

Eager for change

PORT ALBERNI, B.C. — Re Sex, Drugs And Potholes Of Good Intentions (Sept. 16): I'm sorry that Paul Sullivan is so badly bothered by the way Vancouver City Council runs the city. Until I read his column, I simply had no idea how outrageous it is for "eager-beaver progressives" to use the majority that voters gave them to try and help disadvantaged and marginalized people in their city.

Honestly, I was totally unaware of how silly it is to think that starting with acceptance and compassion could actually lead to a solution. And, imagine the temerity of these elected officials to ignore the exalted Criminal Code that was bestowed on us by those vastly more credible politicians from Central Canada!

I guess Mayor Larry Campbell is just too blinded by his anger and compassion to see that the solution to problems such as homelessness, drug addiction and prostitution is to continue taking his advice from the police, and, above all, to resist any kind of change.

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Created: September 19, 2003
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