Sunday, July 30, 2000

Kathy Tait
Children and Families Reporter

p. A34.

B.C. child law 'not flawed'

B.C. authorities are "confident" that the province's new secure-care legislation doesn't have the flaws found in a similar Alberta law that a judge has struck down as unconstitutional.

That law allowed authorities to temporarily detain suspected child prostitutes in safe houses. Calgary provincial court Judge Karen Jordan criticized its lack of "procedural safeguards" in her decision Friday.

Mark Sieben, B.C. manager for child protection policy and standards, said he will review that decision this week.

"But we're confident our legislation would not be found to have the flaws that the Alberta law has," he said. "Our law more adequately addresses the due process of the children involved."

The B.C. Secure Care Act, expected to be in force by next spring, will allow a child or youth at risk to be held against his or her will for up to three days without special approval.

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