Tuesday, April 13, 2004

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AIM Working to Contain HIV: Search for second generation continues

AIM Working to Contain HIV

Search for second generation continues

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Veteran performer Darren James was diagnosed as HIV-positive today, and Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation (AIM) went immediately into motion to make sure that the virus is contained, quarantining 12 women who have been identified as first-generation performers, women who have slept with James since his last negative HIV result.

Performers who have slept with members of the first-generation are also quarantined, technically voluntarily, and AIM is working to identify other performers in that generation as well.

First-generation performers must wait 30 days, the amount of time it could take for HIV to appear in measurable quantities, before taking another PCR-DNA and RNA HIV test. If those tests come back negative, the first-generation performers will be declared "clear," and they will no longer be quarantined.

The current list of women that have worked with James since his last negative test and are under a voluntary quarantine is as follows: Jocelyn (3/19/2004); Lauren Roxx (3/24/04); Annie Cruz (3/29/2004); Vanesca, Persia, Miss Arroyo (3/30/2004); Kayla Marie, Jessica Dee (4/07/2004); Skyler Banks, Patrice Petite, Candy Ray, Desiree Clark, and Kayla Marie again (4/08/2004).

Second-generation performers will be quarantined until the first-generation performer that they worked with is clear.

Veteran performer Mark Ashley, who became of member of the second-generation when he performed in a scene with Patrice Petite, is on the sidelines until May 8.

"I walked off a set today as soon I heard about this. I went down to AIM to take care of it," Ashley said. "I was doing a dialogue scene today and I was supposed to do a sex scene tonight, but I canceled it."

Ashley said he understands why AIM suggested the quarantine, which is technically voluntary.

"I didn't even know it was voluntary, I thought it was mandatory," Ashley said. Who the fuck is going to work with you anyway? I would encourage other performers in the same the situation to honor the quarantine."

Besides Ashley, other performers known to be in the second-generation are: Carlos Mendes, Mark Anthony, T.T. Boy, Sean Michaels, Julian St. Jox, Mark Davis, Conrad Taylor, Duane Commings, and Marco T.

An unknown male that works under either Sol or Shane is also believed to be in the second-generation.

Judy Starr is the only woman identified so far as being in the second-generation.

Mitchell says that the list will likely be much larger considering the number of women in the first-generation and that identifying performers in the second-generation is next obstacle to overcome for AIM to overcome. "We know the transmission is evident from men to women and with so many women we're very, very, concerned about the second generation," Mitchell said.

Mitchell says that Cherry Boxxx Pictures, Red Light District and VCA have declared a moratorium on production until the second- and possibly third-generation has been identified.

"Some people are taking the option not to shoot until the list is complete and I think that's a good idea," Mitchell told

Records the show that James' last negative test was on March 17, 2004. Prior to that, his last negative test was on Feb. 25, 2004. He stopped performing immediately after his AIM test came back positive, and immediately went in for confirmation tests, the results of which came back today.

"He did nothing wrong. He isn't a bad guy," Mitchell said. "He acted responsibly and was very cooperative."

AIM will provide his follow-up care and any treatment that James seeks will be provided by AIM or one of their non-profit affiliates.

James is also eligible for the AIM scholarship program so that he can pursue vocational training or a college degree. James isn't legally barred from performing, but for all intents and purposes his career in front of the camera is over. "We know that in the straight world people don't typically work HIV-positive unless someone agrees to work with them with a condom, knowing their status," Mitchell said.

This is the first time a veteran performer has been diagnosed HIV-positive since Tony Montana in 1999.

People attempting to enter the adult industry are occasionally found to be HIV-positive. In fact, one aspiring male talent was diagnosed last month before having ever worked in adult.

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