June 6, 1996

Tracy Nesdoly

Hannon fights to retain post
Union files grievance for hooker prof

TORONTO - Gerald Hannon says he "wants to be back in the classroom this fall," and the union representing him filed a grievance yesterday to get his job back at Ryerson Polytechnic University.

Journalism students reached yesterday want their teacher back, too. Hannon, 51, who taught a magazine-writing course, is an admitted part-time male prostitute who has said he supports sex between men and boys.

A faculty committee has voted against rehiring him when his contract expires this month.

Shortly after he told The Toronto Sun he's a part-time prostitute last November, Hannon was suspended from his job but was reinstated in December with a warning not to give media interviews about his prostitution.

"I certainly hope that's not the reason he wasn't hired back. I don't see anything wrong with being that open about what he does," said Douglas Cudmore, a journalism grad who is editor of The Eyeopener, Ryerson's student newspaper.

As for Hannon's views about sex, "he was open and honest about his life when he got the job, and as far as I know everybody knew about it."

Jocelyn Longworth, 20, said she was looking forward to taking Hannon's class next fall. "I knew this was coming, I'm not at all surprised, but I am disappointed. I've heard he's a very, very good teacher, and his lectures are not clouded by his views."

Angela Ross of the Canadian Union of Public Employees said yesterday the grievance was filed with Ryerson vice-president Michael Dewson, though "we have yet to hear from management about their rationale" in declining to renew Hannon's contract. Ross said Hannon's case will be brought before an academic committee, which will determine whether he's qualified for the positions he's seeking.

It will follow the union's grievance procedure to determine whether the best-qualified person got the job.

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