May 24, 1996

Ian Robertson

Cops Build Profile of Murderer
Clean 'zoo': residents

TORONTO - As detectives struggled to profile the killer of three hookers, residents of the neighborhood where two were slain pushed for tougher action in cleaning up their "zoo."

Staff-Insp. Ken Cenzura, who heads Metro's homicide unit, said almost a dozen detectives have been assigned to the case since the killings late Monday of flamboyant drag queen Shawn "Junior" Keegan, 19, of Belleville; soft-spoken transvestite Tom "Deanna" Wilkinson, 31, who grew up in the Metro area, and female hooker Brenda Iris Ludgate, 25, of Etobicoke.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Radnoff, president of the Homewood Neighborhood Association, met with police to plan summer strategy for what Staff-Insp. Bill Blair called their joint "non-confrontational walkabouts" in and around Allan Gardens.

Doubled Patrol

Blair doubled police street patrols in his division last October.

The park is a favorite rendezvous for men hunting for sex, and neighboring streets and corners are staked out by female and transvestite hookers.

Keegan and Wilkinson were shot on Homewood Ave., near Carlton St., which faces Allan Gardens. Ludgate's body was found 3 km southwest, just off King St. W.

"It's transvestite prostitution at that corner that's a problem," said Radnoff. "During the day it's a great, quiet area, but at night it's a real zoo," he said.

At news conference at 519 Church St. Community Centre yesterday, homosexuals, transvestites, hookers and community workers blamed government grant cuts and social intolerance. City Councillor Kyle Rae, who attended with Mayor Barbara Hall, said "the innocence of our city has been violated."

Despite the violence, drag queen Chad Vivian, 19, vowed not to pack away his dresses to avoid being targeted. "If they don't like the way I look, shoot me ... I'm going to stand up for my rights," Vivian said.

Anyone with information on the murders is asked to call a special hotline at 808-7400.

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