Sunday March 18, 1996

Dena Fehir

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Hookers hold vigil for victim

They want safe streets for all women, including those in the sex trade.

Lst night about 50 prostitutes held a candellight vigil at Allen Gardens for a hooker who was left fighting for her life after a savage beating last week.

"Working girls are no less valuable than any other women," said Anastasia Kuzyk, 27, who organized the gathering.

Police will only identify the victim as Dana, 19. She is in critical condition and the hunt continues for her attacker.

"Somebody knows who this guy is," Kuzyk said, urging anyone to come forward with information.

"The next victim would be a girl walking home form school or work," Kuzyk said.

Dana was found Tuesday, nearly dead from a brutal beating, on the driveway to the Outer Harbor Marina off Unwin Dr.

Police are looking for a white man, 26 or 27 years old, with an olive complexion. He wears braces on his teeth, has black hair parted in the center that is worn in a long pony tail. He was driving a red or maroon 4-door Ford Tempo or Mercury Topaz.

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Created: November 13, 1996
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