February 22, 1996

Ian Harvey

Raid on club riles locals

A police raid on a Yonge St. gay strip bar has some in the community steamed.

"There's a fear that the conservative agenda is now being directed at the gay and lesbian community," said City Councillor Kyle Rae, who organized a meeting between gay businesses and police after Remington's was hit by police late Monday. Several charges were laid in the raid.

"We don't want a return to the era of the bathhouse raids of 1981," Rae said. "The fear is there, but the police have made it clear this is not a gay issue."

Driving that fear is the timing of the raid. Almost 15 years ago, 150 Metro police raided four bathhouses frequented by homosexuals and arrested 250 men.

Rae said he's been swamped with anxious calls since this week's raid and the message is clear: Gay businesses will have to establish "acceptable community standards."

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Created: March 7, 1996
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