Tuesday, May 14, 1991

Andrew Duffy

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Inquiry seals file of complaints against police

A detailed report on the files of the Metro police internal affairs unit should be kept secret, lawyers for the force have told an inquiry into the unit's conduct.

The report, written by retired Ontario Supreme Court justice Richard Holland, examines the unit's handling of complaints against Metro officers since 1985. Holland's recommendations were entered into evidence yesterday at the Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services inquiry.

But "Appendix D" of the report -- a detailed look at 138 public complaints -- has been sealed pending a ruling by the inquiry's three member panel.

Eddie Greenspan, lawyer for the internal affairs unit, yesterday argued that the appendix should not be made public. The inquiry is also charged with investigating the Gordon Junger affair.

Junger, a former police constable, signed a controversial resignation agreement with police last year while embroiled in an escort service scandal.

By releasing the appendix, the inquiry panel would do immense harm to police officers involved in the 138 investigations, Greenspan said.

However, Junger's lawyer, Peter Rosenthal, argued that only through a detailed comparison with other internal affairs files can it be determined whether Junger was treated unfairly.

In testimony yesterday, the inquiry heard that a Metro police officer asked a federal prosecutor to withdraw a drug charge against Junger.

Graham Reynolds, supervisor of the Toronto prosecutions office of the justice department said the request of Staff inspector Aiden Maher was improper.

In the resignation agreement signed with Junger, the police agreed to withdraw a drug charge and destroy evidence related to Junger's dealings with a former girlfriend who worked as a call girl.

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