October 1982, No. 87

Danny Cockerline

p. 16.

Oh! Nudity! Not in Toronto!

TORONTO -- A metro police morality officer (cum theatre critic?) has determined, after attending the opening night September 8 of Oh! Calcutta!, that the 1967 Broadway hit is too racey for Toronto audiences. He is seeking the consent of the Ontario attorney-general's office to lay charges under section 170 of the Criminal Code, which deals with public nudity.

The bare facts: according to the officer there is nudity in four of the twelve numbers, as well as several scenes of, brace yourself, simulated sex.

Last September police failed to take the sex out of the "sexual musical" Let My People Come when a charge, laid under a municpal by-law, was dismissed. They did, however, succeed in attracting plenty of media attention to the production (which is still playing at the Basin Street Cabaret).

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