Wednesday, August 9, 2000 11:15 AM EDT

Ex-prostitute on the road opposing law like Alberta's

REGINA — An advocate for sex trade workers is taking her fight on the road. Donna Gamble is walking from Prince Albert to Regina to discourage politicians from enacting a law that would allow police to lock up child prostitutes.

Both Alberta and British Columbia have laws that allow police to arrest children selling sex. Supporters say the legislation gives social workers a chance to convince child prostitutes to get off the street.

But Gamble, who worked those same streets for years, says it doesn't work.

"They never fix the family," she says. "They're always giving band-aid solutions. Now, it's, 'We'll take the girls and lock them up.' It doesn't work that way. It takes a lot of caring and support and not a lot of do-gooders."

Gamble stresses that giving the police the right to lock up children in the sex trade punishes the victim.

Last month, an Alberta court struck down that province's law, calling it unconstitutional.

"It takes a lot of caring and support and not a lot of do-gooders."
— Donna Gamble

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