Saturday, April 26, 1997

Canadian Press

p. A5.

Soldiers punished for Cambodia abuse

Allegations that an officer ran a prostitution ring could not be proven, reports said.

OTTAWA — Allegations of misbehavior by some Canadian soldiers in Cambodia in 1992-93 were investigated and appropriate action was taken, the Commons was told Friday.

Published reports quoting Access to Information documents said some soldiers were accused of making racist remarks or physically assaulting Cambodians during a United Nations peacekeeping mission.

Allegations that one officer was running a prostitution ring were investigated, but no evidence was found, the reports said.

John Richardson, parliamentary secretary to Defence Minister Doug Young said the investigations are complete.

"I understand that the allegations were investigated and wherever there was a substantiation, action was taken," he told the House in question period.

He did not say what penalties were assessed.

"This action took place five years ago," he said. "It's an action that has had its investigation and where there were grounds for charges, these charges were taken."

The Bloc Quebecois said the allegations are a further indication of deep-seated problems in the military.

Richardson said the government has already moved to shore up ethics in the Armed Forces and improve training.

"This is part of the plan of renewal," he said. "That action is in place in our training programs both at the non-commissioned level and the officer level."

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