Saturday, April 5, 1997

Letters to the Editor

You say prostitution is degrading?

If AIDS disappeared and my saggy body covered in a net of wrinkles, metamorphosed into a young physique, I would try being a call girl.

Time is more precious than gold, and a "select" clientele would provide more money in less time, which would leave me with most of my day to pursue projects beneficial to me and humankind. I would invest my money and hope to retire at 40.

The world's oldest profession is not awful. What is horrible is when I look through my memories and see my former co-workers and friends walking in procession to soul-destroying jobs where they toiled away their existence for a lousy paycheck.

These women were overworked, underpaid, treated contemptuously because they were at the bottom of the ladder, unappreciated, frustrated, exhausted, demoralized, stressed out, suffered nervous breakdowns, tolerated ill-bred and insensitive employees, and were fed up with office platitudes. When these work beasts reached the port of old age and were liberated from their yoke, they were worndown, bitter, and poor because they were unable to save enough money from their meagre wages.

Reborn on an AIDS-free Earth, a "fille de joie" I would be. Death gathers its harvest too rapidly, therefore it's important to live your one and only precious life as happy as can be.

— Marie-Rose Joseph, Vanier

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