June 1983, No. 94

Danny Cockerline

p. 12.

Mounties confiscate books, mags

NIAGARA FALLS -- Kevin Kendricks was expecting A Very Hot Day but his mail box instead contained a letter from Revenue Canada explaining that the video he had ordered from Nova Productions in Los Angeles had been confiscated by the local International Mail Unit. A couple of weeks later, on May 4, Kendricks was visited by the RCMP.

Constables Dave Emerson and Rene Labreche left with 11 pocketbooks, 45 magaines including Blueboy, Playguy, In Touch and four empty brown envelopes. They did not have a search warrent but warned Kendricks that they could get one if he insisted, and that things would be easier for everyone if he just co-operated. Life had become hotter than Kendricks had anticipated.

With the aid of Gay Unity Niagara, he consulted Toronto lwyer Paul Trollop who explained thta these "visits" are fairly routiine and "in most cases the material is returned within a few weeks." Trollop explained that possession of porn is not illegal in Canada but the RCMP were probably concerned about possible importation. Kendricks said that the books an magazines confiscated by the RCMP were all purchased in Canada: the books from Glad Day Bookshop in Toronto and the magazines from local newsstands. The officers pretty well assured him that charges would not be laid.P>While Kendricks is likely to get most of his material back, Nova Productions will not see their video tape again. In a letter in response to a query from Kendricks they explained that Canada customs is "the only one which does not return material to the shipper."

"We do everything in our power to disguise our packages but Canada does have the most iligent customs officers in the world" they went on to say. "We would much prefer to ship to a US address, particularly since your Canadian mail will be monitored much more closely for a time after this confiscation."

kendricks, who was shaken at the time an is now quite annopyed, hasn't yet decided whether or not he will appeal the customs decision -- he has 90 days from the time of the April 12 confiscation. But he has decided the next time he feels the urge for something like A Very Hot Day he won't try to get it through Canada Post.

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