September 18, 1999. 7:00 AM GMT

CBC News Online staff

Assoun found guilty of murdering ex-girlfriend

HALIFAX — A Halifax jury has found a Vancouver-area man guilty of beating and stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death.

Assoun: "They made a mistake. I'm wrongfully imprisoned right now"

43-year-old Glen Eugene Assoun of Maple Ridge, British Columbia was convicted of the second-degree murder of Brenda Way on Friday.

Way was a Dartmouth prostitute who was killed in 1995. The 28-year-old's body was found behind an apartment building in Dartmouth. She had been stabbed in the face six times, and her throat was slashed.

After the jurors left the courtroom, Assoun said they "made a mistake." The former Dartmouth native added, "it's official that I'm wrongfully imprisoned right now."

The Crown based its case on circumstantial evidence, and called 47 witnesses. Five testified Assoun confessed to the murder.

Assoun will be sentenced in early October.

Written by CBC News Online staff

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