Thursday, July 1, 1999

Canadian Press

p. A8.

Woman to be freed by weekend

EDMONTON — Lisa Neve — who shed her designation as a dangerous offender after a five-year battle — will be freed from jail by week's end.

Corrections Canada officials concluded Wednesday that Neve has more than served her time for the offences that classed her with the country's most notorious criminals.

Tim Krause, a spokesman for the federal prison authority, said Neve, 26, will be released as soon as the paperwork is ready.

"Ms. Neve is immediately eligible for statutory release… she'll be released into the community as soon as release arrangements can be confirmed," he said.

In a written decision released Tuesday, Alberta's top court concluded tht Neve's record and behaviour did not warrant her being labelled a dangerous offender.

The former Edmonton prostitute has been in prison since 1993, when she was jailed for various offences, including robbery.

Neve lost her appeal of her robbery conviction and the Alberta Court of Appeal ordered a sentence of three years for the offence on Tuesday.

Corrections officials calculated that the sum of the sentences for all her offences was 6 1/2 years.

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