Tuesday, November 21, 2000 9:57 PM EST

Province toughens child prostitution law

EDMONTON — The Alberta government is taking steps to keep child prostitutes off the street for longer periods of time.

Amendments include increasing the amount of time suspected child prostitutes can be confined from three days to five

It's releasing some major amendments to the child prostitution legislation that was introduced in the spring.

The act allowed for suspected child prostitutes to be confined in shelters for 72 hours.

Even though that legislation was ruled unconstitutional and is now under judicial review, the province is now making it even tougher by introducing amendments to confine suspected child hookers for 5 days.

David Hancock, minister of justice, says the important change in the legislation, is that all children will be given the option to go before a judge.

Representatives from police forces, shelters and the Liberal opposition say they're in favour of the changes.

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Created: December 6, 2000
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