Friday, December 22, 2000

Mike D'Amour

Wayward girl on right track

Dad says daughter found with alleged pimp in Ontario now getting help

A Calgary teen found with an alleged pimp in Ontario by her dad and uncle is now getting the help she needs, her father said.

"We're hoping to get back to a normal life and it's a huge commitment but you do what you have to do," said the 43-year-old dad of two, who asked that his family's identity not be revealed.

His 15-year-old daughter became involved with a man who had outstanding warrants that accused him of being a pimp.

The teen, who'd had earlier troubles with cocaine and heroin, travelled to Victoria with the man two two weeks ago.

But they didn't stay there long.

Her dad and uncle followed a complex trail of banking transactions to London, Ont.

Once there, the girl's mom convinced her she needed to be at a downtown bank at a prearranged time so her mother could confirm her identity to get a new bank card.

At that point, her dad and uncle were going to confront her and the accused pimp.

Her dad said he was happy police were at the scene, or it may have been a violent confrontation between him and the man.

"(A fight) may have happened, but once the police were involved, they asked us to hang loose and we did," the dad said.

Police seized the girl and arrested a 24-year-old man.

The girl, her dad and uncle were back in Calgary Wednesday night.

"My daughter was involved with something a little more deeper than she first thought," her dad said.

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