Networking in Vancouver
Report on the XI International Conference on AIDS July 7-12, 1996.

At the Sessions
Transgender issues and HIV Prevention

Monday evening, July 8, NSWP members attended the session where Dinan Slamah (Khartini), from Sex Worker Progam, IKHLAS, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia presented, "Developing Effective HIV/AIDS Programs for Transsexuals Working as Sex Workers" (Mo.D.603). The session was chaired by Sandra Laframboise, Vancouver and Ted Myers, Canada.

Khartini Slemeh from Sex Worker Progam, IKHLAS, Kual Lumpur

Other presentations were HIV/AIDS Intervention Among transsexuals in Bangalore: Medico-Legal Impediments For Effective Intervention (Mo.D.600), AIDS Prevention For Transgender and Transsexual Persons: A Collaborative Community-Based Program (Mo.D.601), Risk of HIV Infection by Tranvestite Sex Workers in Brazil: Prostitution, Silicone and Drugs (Mo.D.602) Follow this link for a transcript of the session.

Transcript of session... [XI AIDS Report] [XI AIDS Abstracts] [Rights Groups]

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