Networking in Vancouver
Report on the XI International Conference on AIDS July 7-12, 1996.

Networking and Visible:
Last Minute Letdowns

Many of the NSWP members were unable to attend the AIDS conference because they did not receive scholarships this time. The AIDS conference set a point system for scholarships with bonus points to people with HIV and people who had not been at an AIDS conference. This ruled out any possibility for sex workers familiar with the International AIDS Conference of getting scholarships. A working sex worker would put herself or himself at great risk if he or she were to publically disclose HIV positive status, especially if they were travelling internationally. Cheryl received several letters from NSWP members and member groups (Shane Peltzer from Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT) in South Africa as well as letters from Ghana, Fiji, Scotland and Senegal), saying that they were very sorry to be unable to attend feeling sad that everyone would be there but them.

This was very sad after the expectations from the conference in Japan where there were over 50 NSWP member delegates and the NSWP was promised input on Track D. This year there were only 20 or so NSWPers in attendance at the conference including:


  • Cheryl Overs, London, U.K.;
  • Camille Cabral, Prevention Action Sante Aupres Des Transexuels et Travestis (PASTT),Paris;
  • Pia Covre, Comitato per I Diritti Civili Delle Prostitute, Italy;
  • Ronny (and two other lads) from ScotPEP, Scoitland;
  • Jan Visser, Transnational AIDS/STD Prevention among Migrant Prostitutes in Europe Project (TAMPEP), Amsterdam;

North America

  • Beth Wogemuth, Sex Workers' Alliance of Toronto and formerly of Parkdale Community Health;
  • Karen Bastow, West-Central CHC,Toronto;
  • Andrew Sorfleet, Sex Workers Alliance of Vancouver (SWAV);
  • Tim Potts, West-Central CHC, Toronto;
  • Kenn Quayle, Vancouver;
  • Liz Highleyman, COYOTE San Francisco;
  • Vic St. Blaise, Whorezine, San Francisco;
  • Priscilla Alexander, North American Task Force on Prostitution (NTFP), New York;
  • Gloria Lockett, CalPEP, Oakland, California;

South America and Central America

  • Paulo Longo, Nucleo de Orientacao de Saude Sociale (NOSS), Rio de Janiero;
  • Rita Arauz, Nicaragua;

Asia and Australia

  • Sue Metzenrath, The Scarlet Alliance, Sydney;
  • Helena O'Connell, Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP), Australia;
  • Dr Samarijit Jana, Calcutta;
  • Khartini Slemeh, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The conference was also attended by SWAV members Julian, Ken, Raigen D'Angelo, Simone de Boudoir, Will, and Larry.

Left to right: Priscilla Alexander, Andrew Sorfleet, Gloria Locket, Beth Wolgemuth, Vic St. Blaise and ...

Left to right: Tim Potts, Sue Metzenrath, Beth Wolgemuth, Vic St. Blaise, and Cheryl Overs.

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