Note from Sister Georgette
Fiona's memorial, November 8, 1996

Fiona has been a part of my life for the past 15 years. We first met at Covenant House when she was 20 years old. She had left her home because of her brother Mark. Fiona was into drugs and alcohol at this time but she was not a "street kid" as I knew them. You could tell she came from a good family and had been raised quite strictly. Our relationship continued over these years and I saw Fiona able to stop the drugs and go to "AA." I was present when she received her "First Year Medallion." This was an important step for Fiona.

Fiona and I went to University together and I saw her able to function in the business world, be a member of many boards and an advocate for women especially. She had a keen mind and used it well.

Fiona also suffered from bouts of recurring depression and her phone calls to me, at any time of the day or night, often involved long sessions of support and assurances of my love for her. Fiona wanted me to be her "Mother" and many times expressed to me "I wish you were my mother." She wanted love so much from her own mother but their relationship was a love-hate one, and neither could help the other. I maintained my support and love for Fiona and always told her I would be there when she needed me. However, I could not be her mother.

Fiona confided to me everything that was happening in her life. She trusted me and knew she could call me anytime she needed me. And she did. I still cannot believe she is dead, but I know it from the lack of phone calls. I have an answering machine which she gave me one Christmas, so it is a constant reminder of her.

I am very sorry to have missed this memorial service for her. I would have wished to be present with all of you to celebrate Fiona's life. I pray every day for her. I have written her name in the book of the dead in our parish and she will be remembered every day during the month of November at the masses.

Let us remember all the beautiful qualities we knew of Fiona and celebrate her life and all she accomplished in such a short time.

Fiona it only takes a little space,
to write how much we miss you.
But it will take the rest of our lives
to forget the day we lost you.
Though absent you are near
We love and miss you very much.

Your ever faithful and loving sister, I'm sorry I couldn't say good-bye.

- Georgette
(the nun you loved and trusted so much)

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